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Rachel Maddow Confronts Jim DeMint


Rachel Maddow Confronts Jim DeMint, Ralph Reed Over Gay Marriage On 'Meet The Press' (VIDEO) Posted: 06/30/2013 1:31 pm EDT | Updated: 06/30/2013 1:44 pm EDT Share on Google+ Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy 280 21 12 335 Get Media Newsletters: Subscribe Follow: Rachel Maddow, Meet the Press, Video, Rachel Maddow Meet The Press, Gay Marriage Rachel Maddow, Rachel Maddow Gay Marriage, Media News Rachel Maddow sparred with conservatives over gay marriage on Sunday's "Meet the Press." The Supreme Court handed down its landmark ruling striking down DOMA this week. The news dominated the roundtable on "Meet the Press," where Jim DeMint and Ralph Reed expressed their opposition to the decision.

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