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Sanford and ex-girlfriend


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Maria Belen Chapur, the Argentine "soul mate" who former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford left his wife for, has finally spoken on camera about their relationship that temporarily derailed his political career. Chapur was interviewed by Infobae TV in Buenos Aires on Friday about the U.S. government shutdown saga, and was asked about her personal life with Sanford, who recently won a U.S. congressional seat and has tried to put the scandal over his love life behind him. "Yes, I'm happy," she said, adding that she's met Sanford's children, and that she'll remain tied to Argentina for now because her younger son is 19. "When we're together, we live together. Partly in Washington, partly in Charleston. Now it's difficult, but until last year he would come to Buenos Aires."

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