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Thomas Michaels, Longtime Christie Friend, Involved In Traffic Scandal


A longtime friend of Chris Christie's was involved in the infamous George Washington Bridge lane closures, MSNBC's Steve Kornacki revealed on Sunday. According to Kornacki, Thomas Michaels is a Port Authority police officer who grew up in the same town as the New Jersey Governor. He even coached Christie's son in hockey. On the day of the traffic jam, Kornacki explains, Michaels was on site with David Wildstein, the Port Authority official who ordered the closures. He also reportedly sent text messages to the embattled Christie aide about the situation. It's not clear if Michaels was privy to any wrongdoing. Michaels' name has been floated in connection to the scandal before. According to documents released last month, Michaels' commanding officer had emailed him about the lane closures the day before they occurred. Michaels replied, "Will this affect our normal rush hour operation?"

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